Our Mission

Villa Montessori School serves the educational needs of children from infancy through pre-adolescence. Recognizing that the children of today are the future leaders of tomorrow, we strive to develop intrinsically motivated and independent learners who will achieve their highest potential, therefore preparing them to become successful participants in society. We challenge the children to learn and explore on an individual basis, as well as develop a respect for others and the environment.

Our Philosophy

Villa Montessori School (VMS) is dedicated to helping children develop and demonstrate a love of learning through respect for themselves, their environment and the entire world community of which they are members.

“Kindness towards all” is the all-encompassing goal of Villa Montessori School.

 VMS will challenge the child in an environment of freedom within reasonable limits. Each class with its multi-age group is its own community, within the whole, in which children live and work cooperatively to develop responsible citizenship. Our curriculum equips the children to become responsible citizens with multi-cultural awareness and community involvement.

Our prepared environment with new and challenging activities is designed to move the child from concrete to the abstract and create a positive attitude toward learning. The child will develop a questioning and analytical mind. Creative thinking, problem solving, creative expression, and social skills will develop in the child. The child will gain a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Our Team

At Villa Montessori School, our teachers are your child's partner in learning. Rather than being bound to teaching to a generic lesson plan, our teachers have the ability and freedom to tailor each child’s lessons and instruction to be engaging and child-focused, based on their current interests and needs, all while balancing overall academic and social/emotional goals. At Villa Montessori, we are preparing children not just for college, but for life.

Our Quality

“For more than 20 years, families have relied on NAEYC Accreditation to ensure the quality of education and care provided in programs for young children.

Accredited programs have met NAEYC’s 10 standards for high-quality early childhood education. These programs have demonstrated that they provide a safe and healthy environment for children, have teachers who are well-trained, have access to excellent teaching materials, and work with a curriculum that is appropriately challenging and developmentally sound.”


Our School Community

A sense of community is supported and fostered throughout each classroom, our school, and our greater community on a daily basis.

While our Elementary program students will take field trips supporting classroom topics throughout the year, our younger students are able to interact with their school and greater community through experiences brought to school, rather than off-site field trips. Such experiences are shared through school-wide community service, peer-to-peer support, and monthly Spirit Days. 

Spirit Days, where the school as a whole comes together, provide the children the opportunity to enjoy new experiences in a safe and familiar environment. Spirit Day celebrations can include: visits from local K-9 officers, therapy animals, dentists, musicians, artists and more. Student-made art and science fairs allow the children to showcase their work in a gallery type setting while a recital for all ages and our performance of the Nutcracker Suite allow the children to gain experience performing in school-wide, full stage performance.

We also actively participate in several programs involving/supported by our local community including but not limited to: Junior Achievement, YMCA, Figge Museum, QC Botanical Center, and Putnam Museum to supplement work in the classrooms.

Our School Grounds

Our facility is located on 8 acres with child-centered classrooms that are designed specifically for children. 

The classrooms celebrate diversity through the use of materials and print representing different cultures, ethnicities and abilities. This helps foster an attitude of respect and an understanding of each other’s differences. They also encourage skill development in the areas of: practical life, math, language (including sign language, Spanish, and Hindi), science, geography/cultural studies, history, art, music, perceptual motor development, and consumer/career education.

Designing our environment to meet children’s developmental needs is achieved through building design and staff implementation. The decor, paint colors, and music used in the classrooms and throughout the building have been selected to be tranquil and soothing-supporting children's sensory development as research indicates bright colors can over stimulate children, making it difficult to focus and learn. 

Successful learning cannot happen without children first and foremost being safe. From our secure-access system, routine emergency drills, staff background checks, observation windows, direct exits from each classroom and more, your child’s safety is always our highest priority.

2100 48th Street, Moline, IL 61265, US

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